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Do your homework before choosing a coach.

Apr 08, 2024

Here are a few things to consider:


Research Their Credentials: Look for a coach with relevant experience and qualifications. A coach with a track record of helping writers achieve their goals is invaluable.

Seek Personal Compatibility: Choose a coach whose style and personality resonate with you. A strong rapport can make the coaching process more enjoyable and effective.

Ask for References or Testimonials: Hearing about others' experiences can give you insights into the coach's methods, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Clarify Expectations and Boundaries: Establishing clear expectations upfront helps prevent misunderstandings later.


Rush the Decision: Take your time to research and consider your options thoroughly.

Ignore Gut Feelings: If something doesn't feel right or you sense a lack of chemistry during initial interactions, exploring other options is okay.

Overlook Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential in a coaching relationship. You want someone who can provide constructive feedback in a supportive manner.

Discount Pricing as the Sole Factor: While affordability is important, prioritize value over price alone. A writing coach who charges higher rates may offer superior expertise, personalized attention, and a more tailored approach to your needs.

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