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At Curriculum Cafe, we believe that every story matters. Our community is a bustling bistro of workshops, coaching, clubs, courses, and collaborative opportunities, designed to nourish your creative journey. Whether you're an aspiring author, a seasoned novelist, a poet, a nonfiction writer, or anything in between, we invite you to explore our offerings and find the perfect blend of resources to meet your writing goals. So, grab a seat, order your favorite writing brew, and let your creativity flourish.
"Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate all the notes, and they’re definitely helpful as we make our final revisions this week. We’re truly grateful that you were able to read this with such a quick turnaround."
~ Krista & Becca Ritchie, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors

Traditional or Self-publishing?

In this free guide, navigate the two primary avenues for authors: traditional publishing and self-publishing. Each path has its unique charms and challenges. Whether you're a seasoned writer seeking to share your work with the world or a novice looking to publish your first masterpiece, this guide will help you weigh the pros and cons, ensuring that your writing journey is as fulfilling as it is successful. 
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"I am both thrilled and completely nerve-wracked by your suggestions! But it sounds like such a good plan. This is the kick in the pants that I need. Thank you so much for wanting to go the extra mile with me. I really am jazzed and inspired after our talk. Thank you." 
~ Author Shani A. 

For me, your writing development is personal!


Welcome to our community! I am Dr. Ebony. I am a former journalist and have been writing books for young readers and teaching writing for 20+ years. I started Curriculum Cafe because I love helping writers to reach their goals. After struggling to find my writing voice for years, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities has turned into a system that has helped hundreds of my clients step into who they really are as storytellers and confidently show up in their lives like never before.
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"...When our books came from Curriculum Cafe, my son asked for more, and I knew we hit the jackpot. Thanks for creating a company that keeps bringing great diverse content to my little ones."
~ Mariebeth Banks Marsh

Resources for every stage of your writing journey

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Businesses. Teams. Schools. Writers. Readers. 

Perfect for writers!
Take a self-guided journey or writing retreat with interactive lessons and modules designed to develop your writing.
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Perfect for writers and teams!
Take your writing to new heights and reach your goals with the support of an expert writing coach. 
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Perfect for writers and readers!
Join a writing club to workshop your writing, stay connected with writers, and use actionable skills to reach your goals.
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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca N.

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Featured Programs

Writing Retreats
Do you need dedicated writing time for a new project idea or guidance to further a work in progress? Escape to a haven of inspiration and intellectual growth at an exclusive retreat for writers, teams, and scholars. Immerse yourself in a tranquil environment designed to fuel your creativity and deepen your scholarly pursuits. Our carefully crafted program combines stimulating lessons, thought-provoking assignments, and a supportive community to elevate your writing and research to new heights.
1:1 or Group Coaching
Unlock your full writing potential with our personalized 1:1 and group writing coaching sessions. Our experienced coaches provide individualized guidance tailored to your unique style and goals, fostering a deeper understanding of craft, technique, and storytelling. Whether you prefer the focused attention of a one-on-one session or the collaborative energy of a group setting, our coaching programs empower writers to overcome challenges, enhance their skills, and bring their creative visions to life.
Writing Club
Writing does not have to be done in isolation. Sometimes, the ideas and support of others can help push your writing in the right direction. Sign up to join a virtual community of like-minded writers to have fun, learn, and grow your writing skills. In the writing club, you can workshop your writing, share wins and challenges, receive regular inspirational messages and writing prompts, and have regular 1:1 time with a writing coach.
Achieving Your Writing Goals: A Self-paced journey for writers
This self-paced course is tailored for writers seeking to set, track, and achieve their writing goals. Whether you're working on a novel, short story, journal entry, personal essay, article, or blog, this course will provide you with the tools, strategies, and inspiration needed to stay on track and make significant progress in your writing projects. This course is designed for writers of all levels.

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